Social Businesses

Ecam Social Business operates with a focus on strategic initiatives with the private sector, in the relationship with stakeholders, implementation of financial mechanisms models and development of good practices that enhance social investments results.

Ecam Social Businesses has its own Social Business format that promotes partnership between the public and private sectors, society and the preservation of the environment, offering benefits such as: enhancing social investments, building and implementing social licensing processes, improving the relationship with local communities, in addition to the positive impact on the market value of the project’s brand, due to its contribution to sustainable development.

Through a thorough analysis of impact activities, Ecam, with all the expertise acquired over the years, offers personalized services that suit the needs of each partner company. For this reason, we work with enterprises that seek solutions or reductions in social and environmental bottlenecks, promoting integrated action in all its sectors of activity and providing a balance between economic development, social well-being and the preservation of the environment, through integrated social investment model.

With years of experience in the market, Ecam has formed a solid and multidisciplinary team that is committed to delivering effective solutions that guarantee a return to the business.

Thus, we offer different formats of services to partner companies, as well as to society. They are:

  • Socio-environmental and relationship advisory;
  • Socio-environmental analyzes;
  • Processes of prior, free and informed consent;
  • Mediation of socio-environmental conflicts;
  • Fund management and building of efficient financial mechanisms,
  • Carbon offset (REDD+)